Live Scan Digital Fingerprinting

Traditional background checks involved taking someone’s fingerprints using ink and paper and sending the prints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for analysis. Not only was this a messy way of conducting background checks, but it was also rather time-consuming too. Fortunately, due to advances in fingerprinting technology, the entire fingerprinting process has become both cleaner and faster. This can be attributed to the invention of LiveScan Digital Fingerprinting. The science behind this technology has changed the way fingerprints are taken forever.

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Why You Should Go to EZ Live Scan for Your Digital Fingerprinting

In Santee, California, EZ Live Scan is approved to offer this revolutionary LiveScan Fingerprinting service to any person or business who needs to get a criminal background check done quickly. The LiveScan Fingerprinting technology will digitally scan someone’s fingerprints onto a computer and then electronically send them to the necessary law enforcement agencies, such as the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As a result, criminal background checks can be completed within 2 to 3 days instead of 2 to 3 weeks like before.

EZ Live Scan holds all the necessary LiveScan security clearances to offer these fingerprinting services in the state of California. Both businesses and government agencies utilize these fingerprinting services for various reasons. In most cases, they require job applicants, foreign workers, and immigrants to get fingerprinted before approving them for work or legal status.

With LiveScan fingerprinting, there is virtually no chance of any mistakes being made in the fingerprinting process. The chance of mechanical or human errors is almost eliminated. On top of that, the electronic nature of the service gives you the ability to check the status of the background check online. That way, you’re not sitting around waiting and wondering when the background check is going to be completed. Instead, you have online access to the status 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. And when the results are in, you will receive them electronically as well. LiveScan fingerprinting services provide convenience to both the person getting fingerprinted and the business or agency that is requiring them to get it done. It helps move things along both much faster and eliminates wasted time. To find out more information on this innovative technology, contact EZ Live Scan with your questions or inquiries.

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