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EZ LiveScan Company History

In 2017, we moved into our current location and became Santee’s first and only service of its kind collecting fingerprints for the general public using FBI-Certified LiveScan equipment.

Besides the service itself, we provide quality customer service with professional, knowledgeable staff ready to answer any question you have. We are also proud to offer the latest in bio-digital technology, ensuring that your fingerprints will be accepted by the agencies requesting them.

At EZ LiveScan in San Diego, we have developed an efficient method of providing quality fingerprinting services that are hard to beat. Accessible LiveScan services and other DMV services, including smog testing and vehicle registration, can be found at our conveniently located offices.

EZ LiveScan is the top-rated LiveScan office on Yelp – check out our 5-star reviews. If you’d like to learn more about EZ LiveScan, and how the fingerprinting process works, please read our customer testimonials and hear directly from our satisfied customers.

Call us at (619) 448-0344. We look forward to serving you.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

Live Scan Fingerprinting is the latest in fingerprinting technology. For decades, police departments and government agencies have used ink-based fingerprinting technology to capture people’s fingerprints. This traditional method involved people putting their fingers in ink and then pressing them onto a fingerprint sheet. Life Scan simplifies this process by using digital technology to take fingerprints rather than ink. There will be no more need to get people’s fingers messy and stained with ink.

Besides, ink-based fingerprints are often harder for computers to scan because the image quality of the prints is so inferior. On the other hand, the electronically scanned fingerprints of Life Scan will create high-resolution images of them. This will make it easier for the computers to scan fingerprints and identify more positive matches. As a result, this means more suspected criminals being detained and arrested.

The Services

There are certain circumstances where people will be required to get their fingerprints taken. For example, if someone applies for an important job that requires a high-security clearance, their potential employer will want to do a thorough background check on them. This requires the person to go to a pre-approved location to get fingerprinted. The prints will then be run through the FBI database to see if they have a criminal history and so forth. These fingerprinting locations could be local government agencies or private investigation companies. However, you’ll want to find a location that uses LiveScan Technology because not all of them do.

The Benefits for People

Traditional fingerprinting normally takes a lot longer to go through this process. Besides the fact that ink-based fingerprinting is messy and harder to scan, the fingerprint cards always must be manually sent to the FBI when a background check is done. This means that if you are a job applicant or someone applying for a visa to travel to another country, you’ll need to wait a lot longer before your background check is cleared. And if the inked prints were too smeared or difficult to read, then the person may have to get their fingerprints redone.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Services are beneficial to people because they eliminate the hassle and waiting time that comes with traditional fingerprinting. As soon as those high-resolution fingerprints are retrieved, they will be electronically sent to the FBI rather than mailed. The whole background check process will usually take between 1 to 4 hours instead of a few weeks. If everything checks out fine, the person can proceed with whatever they were applying for.